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TopStyle Pro

TopStyle Pro

TopStyle is the premier CSS/HTML/XHTML editor that contains powerful tools for creating standards-compliant sites. It allows you to edit your HTML documents and style sheets using one interface. With it you can generate XHTML-compliant markup with a simple toggle. It also help you to validate your style sheets against multiple browsers, flagging any invalid properties or values it finds. Due its rich features, you may find it essential even if you have already had a html editor.

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Some features: 
  • Edit your HTML, XHTML and CSS in a single program
  • Check your CSS syntax against multiple browsers
  • Upgrade outdated HTML - including font tags - to CSS
  • Convert your HTML to XHTML with TopStyle's HTML Tidy integration
  • Find out CSS class usage throughout your site
  • Side-by-side Internet Explorer and Mozilla preview
  • Integration with W3C HTML Validator